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Ultra Pure Purifiers

We Provide residential and industrial solutions and customise products according to your needs, space and demands. Our Technology is tested and certified by CSIR-CCMB to reduce the COVID-19 Virus by 99% within 45 Mins making your indoor spaces like homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, airports and auditoriums safe.


Ultra Pure Purifiers

Our Home Purifiers are designed and manufactured with safe air filtration technology. Our products are child-safe and ozone free and have a multi-stage filtration process that reduces nanoX  and plasmOX technologies. Our wide range of products caters to all your room sizes.

Air Filteration Grid Matix

Pentagon Air Purification System

Ultrapure brings you the most advanced HVAC /In duct Air Purification system with a unique combination of chemical media’s

Chemical Salts

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