The NORDcanopy product portfolio consists of canopies and related air treatment products for use in commercial and industrial kitchen ventilation to create a comfortable and hygienic work environment. Our products combine elegant design with highly effective grease, steam, heat and odor removal performance for your project. Thanks to our highly efficient HFK centrifugal filters, most of the cooking grease is eliminated from the kitchen exhaust airstream. In addition to HFK filters, HV kitchen canopies come with an integrated UV module, which provides a further reduction of grease and odor, as well as many other benefits. We at ETS NORD know that no project is exactly alike. We have designed our canopies to be modular, so we can custom design and manufacture a NORDcanopy solution to meet each and every project requirement or technical need. NORDcanopy products are manufactured from stainless steel according to standards EVS-EN 10088- 2:2014,
EN 1.4301 or AISI 304 (AISI 304, surface 2K).

Grease Canopies with UV cleaning system

Grease canopy – standard
with UV cleaning

Grease canopy – island
with UV cleaning

Grease canopy – HIGH CAPACITY
with UV cleaning

UV Cleaning


FET “Helping hand”
Grease filter removal tool

CP Cover plates

HFK Grease Filters