We at Airody Trading understand the significance of an effective grease trap in the commercial kitchen. We are the most renowned manufacturer of grease trap in UAE Airody Trading takes great pride in providing top-quality effective, durable, and reliable grease traps that are designed to satisfy the particular requirements of your enterprise.

Grease trap in UAE


Grease trap in UAE
  1. High-Quality Unparalleled Quality:
  2. In your commercial kitchen, cutting corners on the quality of your kitchen isn’t a choice. We at Airody Trading, we source and sell grease trap in UAE constructed with top-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability and endurance. The products we offer undergo stringent inspections to assure top efficiency in stopping grease from entering and blocking obstructions.
  4. Professional Guidance:
  5. Navigating through the maze of grease traps is difficult, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the technical aspect. Our team of experts is here to assist you in the process of selecting. We know the various demands of various businesses and can provide the ideal grease trap that is tailored to your requirements.
  7. Environmentally friendly solutions:
  8. We’re dedicated to sustainable development. Our collection of grease traps includes environmentally friendly options that will not just safeguard your plumbing, but aid in a cleaner environment. Our products can effectively trap grease and not harm nature and align your company with sustainable practices.


Regular Grease Traps:

Suitable for small-scale businesses The regular grease traps are small effective, reliable, and simple to put in. They effectively trap grease, stopping the grease from entering the drainage system, and causing expensive obstructions.

Large-capacity grease:

Traps for commercial kitchens that are awash with traffic We have large-capacity grease trap in UAE made to take on large amounts of grease. The traps will ensure that kitchen operations are uninterrupted activities by effectively trapping the grease, which allows your business to operate smoothly and without interruptions.

Customized Solutions

We know the fact that each kitchen is different. We offer custom solutions for grease trap in UAE that are tailored to the specific needs of your kitchen. Our professionals will analyze the layout of your kitchen and propose the best grease trap for your needs which is perfect for your size and space requirements.


Are you sick of struggling with pipes that are clogged and drainage problems caused by the accumulation of grease? Airody Trading is here to give you the help you require. We are the most trusted Grease trap supplier in UAE; we are determined to help your company prosper by providing reliable and effective grease trap solutions.

Be sure that you don’t allow grease-related issues to hinder the kitchen’s operations. Get in touch with us today and let our professionals aid you in choosing the ideal grease trap in UAE to fit your commercial kitchen. You will enjoy a hassle-free cook, effortless cleaning, and a more efficient flow – select Airody Trading for all your requirements regarding grease traps.