E-Commerce and Bulk SMS


We are decicated to deliver high-quality and innovative services with complete transparency and using the best technical and human resouces for the job. We are also committed to improving our business value by continuously improving the quality of our own products and services.

Robust SMSC Gateway Solution

Robust SMSC Gateway Solution, High throughput, Fast Delivery time, and High Security

Complete Integration

Complete Integration with any Software (Software API's, Dll Library, Custom Solutions).


  • 100% Delivery
  • 999 SMS Per Second
  • Customized Sender Field

Advanced Easy to use Online system

Free and Advanced Easy to use Online system with largest international coverage (1500+ operators)

No Hidden Cost

No hidden Cost, No Setup fees, No Expiry date, No Monthly commitments.

Robust SMPP Servers

Robust SMPP Servers with multiple backup solutions with 99.99% uptime. SMPP and HTTPS accounts directly.

HLR Lookup

Home Location Register, Our HLR Lookup will allow you to ascertain the validity of any given number before sending your messages. this will save you money on the undeliverable messages.

SMS Firewall

Our Firewall Provides mobile operators with safe spam free roaming and messaging enviornment that their subscribers can trust while reducing the complaints for unsolicited messages.


Applciation to Person (100% on-net A2P SMS Delivery).Fascilitating the messaging service worldwide portfolio of undertaking clieents guarantee mobile operators to get additional revenue.

SMSC Gateway

We Offer Excellent hosted platform for all your needs to connect to any SMSC around the globe. You may send Text messages, WAP messages, Binary Messages, MMS Messages with more than 3000 SMS per minute.