Do you need the best ventilation for your home or restaurant kitchen? Airody Trading is the best place to start! Airody Trading is a specialist in custom fabricated Kitchen Hoods in UAE, and we offer a range of ventilation systems to suit your needs. Already, your partner for achieving the best air quality and safety in any environment offers a wide range of ventilation solutions.

custom fabricated Kitchen Hoods in uae


There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to ventilation in the kitchen. Airody Trading is proud to design and manufacture custom-made kitchen hoods for your specific needs. Already Trading’s team of professionals understands how to create hoods that are not only functional but enhance your kitchen space.

In terms of the air quality in kitchens and their ventilation, Airody Trading stands at the cutting edge of technological advancement. Our group of professionals understands the crucial necessity of baffle filtering in making sure that you have a clean and healthy kitchen We are committed to providing solutions that do not just meet but also exceed the standards of the industry.


Airody Trading understands the differences in ventilation requirements between high-end restaurants, commercial kitchens, and domestic settings. We have the perfect solution for any setting thanks to our versatile approach.

custom fabricated Kitchen Hoods in UAE
Safety and efficiency are of paramount importance in the high-speed environment that is commercial kitchens. Airody’s custom Fabricated kitchen hoods in UAE can handle large volumes of smoke and heat while still adhering to the highest safety standards. Our hoods are guaranteed to help your team maintain a safe and comfortable working environment.
custom fabricated Kitchen Hoods in UAE
You deserve the same attention to detail in your home as you would expect from a professional kitchen. Airody Trading provides tailored ventilation solutions for domestic settings. This ensures that the kitchen is a pleasant, odor-free environment in which you can prepare your meals. The kitchen hoods we offer not only remove smoke and smells, but also bring a sense of style to the home.
custom fabricated Kitchen Hoods in UAE
Fine dining restaurants should be as sophisticated as the cuisine. Airody’s kitchen hoods, which are custom-made to order, not only function but are also designed for high-end spaces. The hoods are designed to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment while providing effective and discreet ventilation.

Airody’s Turnkey Ventilation Solutions

Airody Trading understands that ventilation is more than just a kitchen hood. We offer an integrated turnkey system that addresses all the aspects of your ventilation systems.

  1. Hood Design and Fabrication – Our craftsmen work with you closely to create a custom fabricated kitchen hoods in UAE that perfectly suits your needs and space. Our materials are of the highest standard and we use modern technology and high-quality materials to guarantee durability.
  1. Airody Trading will install your ventilation system, making sure that it meets safety standards and functions smoothly. Our technicians have the expertise to handle even complex installations.
  • Airody provides: 24/7 technical support and maintenance to keep your ventilation system running smoothly. Our goal is to ensure the reliability and longevity of your investment.

Why choose Airody Trading?

  1. Customization:

We custom fabricated kitchen hoods to meet your needs and ensure optimal aesthetics.

  1. High-Quality Craftsmanship: 

Our attention to detail is unsurpassed and we use the best materials and workmanship in all of our projects.

  1. Versatility:
  2.  No matter if you are looking for a solution to fit a home kitchen or commercial space, our solutions will work.
  4. Turnkey Solution:
  5. Airody Trading provides a complete, seamless solution, from design to fabrication, installation, and maintenance.
  7. Support from Experts:
  8. We have a team of professionals ready and waiting to help you. They will ensure that your ventilation system is working flawlessly.

Do not compromise the safety and air quality of your dining or kitchen area. Airody Trading offers custom fabricated Kitchen Hoods in UAE. Experience the benefits of tailored ventilation we provide commercial kitchen ventilation. Call us for a free consultation today and we’ll transform your kitchen into a space that is not only functional but a pleasure to work in.